Fuel50 launches FuelMarketplace to support talent redeployment and workforce agility

Fuel50 launches FuelMarketplace to support talent redeployment and workforce agility 1LONDON: Fuel50, creator of the world’s fastest-growing talent experience platform, announced the launch of FuelMarketplace, an internal talent mobility tool that supports organizations in redeployment, restructuring and workforce agility to meet rapidly changing business demands.

Powered by Fuel50’s fully-automated career framework and AI engine, FuelMarketplace is designed to bring flexibility to an organization’s talent strategy through solutions like gig networks and talent-building pipelines.

“The future of an organization is defined by the decisions it makes now,” said Anne Fulton, Co-Founder and CEO of Fuel50.

“These hard decisions directly impact an organization’s workforce, employees’ careers and its ability to move forward. At Fuel50, we have developed a fully automated, low-touch, scalable solution to help organizations pivot, repurpose their talent and future-proof their workforce. Businesses are being forced to adjust quickly, and often lack the infrastructure and agility to respond efficiently to the rapidly changing business climate.

FuelMarketplace provides organizations with the tools to respond and adapt to evolving business demands through AI and automation.”

FuelMarketplace supports workforce planning and internal talent redeployment by smart-matching employees with new internal opportunities. In turn, leaders gain insight into their internal talent pool to plan and build teams.

In a recent interview with Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin, the strategic people change leader at Allied Irish Banks (AIB), Brigin Walsh, described Fuel50’s Gigs solution, a component of FuelMarketplace, as being the tool the company needed to support fast-evolving talent challenges. Walsh said, “There’s an opportunity with Gigs to communicate better about the types of roles, what people will be doing and for how long it might be. We’re giving [our employees] the transparency, the development tools and empowering them to make a change.”

Fuel50 is an award-winning career experience platform that delivers career path transparency, mobilizes talent and evolves an organization’s workforce for the future.


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