Increased sales demand from China in response to COVID-19

BEIJING: LiDCO, a leading supplier of hemodynamic monitoring company, announced that its Chinese distribution partner Beijing Gloryway Medical Company recently sold a small number of monitors in Wuhan, China as a direct response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

A number of LiDCOrapid monitors had already been installed in the city prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. The recent purchase is to provide additional Intensive Care monitoring capabilities in order to treat the most acute cases of the infection.  The transaction was able to be arranged without LiDCO or our distributors’ staff visiting Wuhan.

LiDCO has fully assessed the impact of the outbreak on its supply chain and is satisfied that its inventory levels and forward purchases of monitors would support a certain amount of above forecast demand should it arise in areas affected by Covid-19.  The Company is in communication with healthcare institutions in a number of the affected areas and is prepared to be flexible in its approach in order to meet any short-term increased monitoring needs.

Commenting, Matt Sassone, Chief Executive Officer of LiDCO, said: “The proportion of patients who are admitted to Intensive Care following COVID-19 infection remains low, however, there is significant clinical evidence that the use of advanced hemodynamic monitoring for patients in intensive care  is clinically beneficial. Whilst the Board doesn’t anticipate changing expectations at this time, the Company is prepared to support customers should they face an increased demand for intensive care.”

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