iCraft launches graphene cosmetic face mask

iCraft launches graphene cosmetic face mask 1LONDON: iCraft has launched graphene cosmetic face mask featuring Haydale graphene nano-platelets. iCraft is a KOSDAQ listed company whose primary business designs, develops, and provides internet network integration products. iCRAFT also develops innovative products in wider sectors such as health and beauty.

Haydale Graphene Industries has supplied graphene to iCraft since May 2019 for development work in a number of areas including cosmetic use. iCraft, based in South Korea, is a global technology company with interests in security and network solutions as well as the health and beauty sector.

Following intense research and rigorous testing, iCraft reported zero harmful substances for graphene-based products, and has applied for three related patents.

Whilst the initial volume of graphene required to meet early stage demand may not be significant, this marks a significant step-change in the use of the material, which is now being used in applications that directly touch the skin.

iCraft has now signed supply contracts with two brands to begin delivery of the cosmetic face mask sheets. In addition, iCraft is working with a number of additional companies and cosmetic brands who iCraft expect will introduce the product into their ranges.

Derek Yoon, iCraft, General Manager, said: “iCRAFT plans to create synergy with the existing business by striving to expand various related products and applying graphene. We are hoping that graphene cosmetic face mask sheets, launched in cooperation with Haydale, will get a good response in the global cosmetic market. In addition, an anti-counterfeit solution applying graphene is also under development.”

Keith Broadbent, Haydale CEO, said: “Following significant research and development, it is great to see a graphene-based product launched for the health and beauty sector. Working alongside iCraft, we anticipate a number of graphene enhanced products will now be launched both in the cosmetic market and in the wider fight against counterfeit goods.”

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