Pressure Technologies wins contract to supply nitrogen storage solutions to EDF Energy

LONDON: Pressure Technologies, the specialist engineering group, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Sheffield based Chesterfield Special Cylinders Limited (CSC), has secured a significant contract in excess of £3 million to supply nitrogen storage solutions to EDF Energy for its UK nuclear power plants at Heysham, Torness and Hartlepool.

This design and supply contract comprises ultra large high pressure cylinders manufactured at CSC’s Sheffield facility, in an innovative series of nitrogen storage packages to meet EDF Energy’s operational requirements. The modular design is seismically qualified to allow ease of installation at EDF Energy’s sites. The cylinder packages will be supplied to EDF Energy by mid-2020.

Chris Walters, Chief Executive Officer of Pressure Technologies, commented: “This contract represents the largest order in Chesterfield Special Cylinders’ history outside of the defence sector and is extremely important for the Chesterfield team and for the Pressure Technologies Group. Through the provision of these safety-critical systems, we are delighted to be supporting EDF Energy’s existing and continued commitment to supply safe, low-carbon electricity to UK homes.”

CSC is a long-standing key supplier of gas storage solutions to power stations across the UK.

Edited by Nayyar Iqbal

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