Trackwise signs collaboration agreement with GKN Aerospace

LONDON: Trackwise Designs Plc, a leading provider of specialist products using printed circuit technology, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with GKN Aerospace, (GKN), the world’s leading multi-technology tier 1 aerospace supplier, for the industrialisation of GKN Aerospace Type 8 Ice Protection System.

The collaboration agreement will see GKN Aerospace and Trackwise build upon existing development work by advancing the manufacture of Ice Protection Systems to rate production level capability.

Philip Johnston, Chief Executive Officer of Trackwise, commented, “Following nearly two years of joint product development, this is a significant milestone in our engagement with GKN, taking us a step closer to aerospace production at scale. The capabilities involved are wholly aligned with those being developed by Trackwise for Improved Harness Technology™ and while aerospace qualification is a lengthy process, the size of the potential end markets means that the future revenue potential for our technology is significant.”

Edited by Kiran Khan

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