Hamish Paton appointed CEO of Amigo Holdings

LONDON: Amigo Holdings PLC, the leading provider of guarantor loans in the UK, confirms Hamish Paton has been appointed as CEO and executive director of the Company with immediate effect, following FCA authorisation.

Following the above change the total number of Directors will consist of four independent Non-Executive Directors, including the Chairman and two as Executive Directors.

Stephan Wilcke, Chairman, commented: “It is a pleasure to officially welcome Hamish to the role of CEO at Amigo. He has very relevant experience from leading a people based consumer credit business. Hamish’s extensive customer facing background and proven hands-on operational expertise position him well to deliver the leadership required for the next phase of Amigo’s strategy.”

Hamish Paton, CEO of Amigo, commented: “Amigo plays an important role in the lives of its customers and it does that really well. The guarantor loan model is an innovative way to help people find the money they need to make considered life purchases. I would not be here if I did not firmly believe that Amigo provides a much needed product and occupies a space in society that is making a real difference to the lives of our customers, many who cannot access credit from their bank or building society.

“I am incredibly fortunate to be walking into a business where there is a true sense of ownership amongst the teams and individuals working at Amigo. This my opportunity to take Amigo forward and make sure it is the best company it can be for all our stakeholders.”

Edited by Anil Joshi

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