Fay raises $25 million in Series A round by Forerunner Ventures

To address the growing health crisis related to dietary habits, San Francisco-based startup Fay has announced a substantial $25 million funding round. This significant financial boost comes on the heels of a previously undisclosed seed round led by General Catalyst and a $20 million Series A round spearheaded by Forerunner Ventures, with continued support from General Catalyst and 1984.

Fay, which has quickly risen to prominence with the largest network of Registered Dietitians (RDs) across the United States, is set to channel this investment into expanding its reach and enhancing services for both dietitians and clients. The company’s ambitious growth strategy includes partnerships with food delivery platforms to combat food insecurity, broadening insurance coverage, and strengthening ties with corporate wellness programs.

At a critical juncture for American health, where over 50% of adults face chronic diet-related conditions, Fay’s offerings are more relevant than ever. The startup aims to bridge the gap in public knowledge regarding insurance-covered medical nutrition therapy by RDs, a service that is crucial for both the prevention and management of health issues.

Sam “Sammy” Faycurry, the visionary Founder and CEO of Fay, is committed to transforming the healthcare paradigm from reactive to proactive. “Access to quality diet and nutrition care should not be restricted by cost or availability,” Faycurry asserts. “Fay’s foundation is built on the principle that expert care should be accessible to all, enabling the vast majority of Americans to benefit from transformative nutrition counseling.”

With over 1,000 RDs currently on board and projections to double that number by 2025, Fay is leading the charge in proactive healthcare. The platform’s diverse range of specialties, including eating disorders, diabetes, and weight management, ensures personalized care for every individual.

The co-founders, Sammy Faycurry and Mark Stefanski, are driven by the philosophy that food is fundamental to a healthier life. Their collaboration with major insurers like United Healthcare, Aetna CVS, and Blue Cross, among others, is democratizing nutrition services for over 100 million Americans. Notably, Fay’s integration into employer health plans at tech giants like Google and Accenture means most beneficiaries pay nothing for top-tier nutrition education and lifestyle guidance.

Fay’s innovative approach extends to dietitians as well, offering an AI-powered platform that simplifies insurance reimbursements and administrative tasks, allowing clinicians to focus on delivering quality care. This symbiotic relationship between Fay, healthcare providers, and insurers heralds a new era of accessible and impactful nutrition care.

Backing Fay’s vision are Jake Cooper and Manoj Kanagaraj, founders of Grow Therapy, who recognize the potential of Fay’s model in parallel to their own success in mental health services. With such robust support and a clear mission, Fay is poised to make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of Americans nationwide.

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