Solutions30 SE acquires 10% stake in So-Tec

PARIS, FRANCE: Solutions30 SE, a prominent player in the Energy and Networks (ENR) business, has announced the acquisition of a 10% stake in So-Tec.

This French company, known for its expertise in constructing photovoltaic power plants, will see Solutions30 become its majority shareholder within the next few years, with plans to control 100% of the capital in five years.

So-Tec, headquartered near Montpellier and employing nearly 100 individuals, boasts an impressive sales figure exceeding 20 million euros. The company’s reputation as a photovoltaic sector leader is well-earned, with a focus on ground-mounted structures and rooftop power plant construction. So-Tec’s comprehensive design and installation services cover a wide range of structures across France, often in collaboration with Solutions30.

The partnership between Solutions30 and So-Tec, bringing together nearly three decades of experience, promises to deliver a unique “Made in France” solution to the French market. This collaboration is set to manage the complete spectrum of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contracts, ensuring efficient project management from design to construction.

Solutions30’s investment in So-Tec signifies a decisive step in its commitment to the photovoltaic sector, aiming to establish itself as a leading force in France.

With the goal of doubling its sales to 40 million euros by 2024, Solutions30 is poised for significant growth, even as So-Tec’s contributions to the group’s sales are expected to commence in 2025. The company’s strategy includes creating commercial synergies, expanding operations nationwide, and bolstering its workforce with 50 new recruits by 2024. Additionally, a specialized training program in ENR professions is set to facilitate the transition to a booming sector.

Amaury Boilot, CEO of Solutions30 France and Group Secretary General, expressed enthusiasm about the deal, highlighting the increasing demand for multi-lot experts in the rapidly evolving photovoltaic market. “This partnership not only marks a pivotal point in our journey but also establishes us as a frontrunner in the market,” said Boilot.

Solutions30, with a network exceeding 16,000 technicians, has been at the forefront of digital transformation and energy transition, completing over 80 million service calls and leading more than 500 renewable energy projects.

As an industry leader in Europe, Solutions30 continues to expand its influence across ten countries, solidifying its position in the global market. Listed on the Euronext Paris exchange, the company’s capital consists of over 107 million shares, reflecting its substantial market presence and growth potential.

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