Tabuk Agricultural Development Company appoints new CEO; unveils 2024-2030 strategy

RIYADH: Tabuk Agricultural Development Company has announced the appointment of Eng. Yahya Ahmed Mubaraki as CEO of the company, effective 1st April 2024 AD.

Engineer Yahya Ahmed Mubaraki is one of the distinguished young Saudi talents. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences from the College of Agriculture, King Saud University. He has extensive experience in managing agricultural projects for more than 20 years.

He currently holds the position of the Vice of CEO of the Tabuk Agricultural Development Company.

He has taken many courses. Specializing in strategies, governance and modern technologies in irrigation, food quality and safety, he participates in many committees and work teams, including the Seed Producers Committee of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, membership in the Board of Directors of other companies, and participation in many conferences and scientific courses inside and outside the Kingdom.

Tabuk Agricultural Development Company also approved the company’s strategic plan for the period from 2024 AD to 2030 AD. The company’s strategy includes alignment with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to achieve the company’s pioneering and sustainability in the food and agribusiness investments by taking advantage of its geographical location and resources through diversifying revenues that contribute to maximizing the use of the company’s available assets and maximizing the return to shareholders.

The strategy aims to enter into qualitative strategic partnerships that contribute to achieving sustainable development by adding new activities and focusing on products with a competitive advantage.

The strategy contains main themes and objectives, the most important of which are:

1. Increasing and improving agricultural production and developing and sustaining its products in a way that contributes to enhancing food security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2. Increase and enhance investment in food trade.

3. Expanding in the field of food processing.

4. Optimal management of costs, increasing and diversifying revenues

5. Strengthening the brand and distribution channels and developing the relationship with customers and stakeholders.

6. Establishing strategic and logistical partnerships, and employing modern agricultural technologies.

7. Employing modern technology and digital transformation to achieve operational excellence, added value for customers, and introducing modern agricultural technologies.

8. Achieving institutional excellence in administrative and operational processes to enhance innovation, sustainability, and optimal utilization of the company’s assets.

9. Leading financing requirements and solutions to achieve the strategy.

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