InoBat Auto and Green Lithium agree strategic partnership

LONDON, UK: InoBat Auto, a pioneering supplier of batteries for electric vehicles, and Green Lithium, an innovative mineral processing company progressing plans to build and operate the first large-scale commercial lithium refinery in the UK, have agreed a strategic partnership.

The partnership will see Green Lithium supply InoBat with battery-grade lithium chemicals and the two companies collaborate to advance their shared sustainability ambitions, bringing together InoBat’s expertise in innovative battery technology with Green Lithium’s ability to increase, diversify and secure the European supply of low-carbon battery-grade lithium chemicals – a key raw material in the production of electric vehicle batteries.

Both InoBat and Green Lithium understand that battery manufacturing is only sustainable if it covers the whole life cycle of batteries, from mining to recycling. To support this endeavour, the two companies will work together to accelerate the development of a “cradle-to-cradle” UK battery value chain, from the provision of low-carbon lithium chemicals all the way through to the recycling of batteries.

The partnership will also see InoBat and Green Lithium collaborate in working with the relevant government authorities in the UK and the EU to achieve their strategic business goals, including InoBat’s ambition to expand its presence in the UK and develop a network of gigafactories across Western Europe during 2024.

Marian Bocek, Co-Founder and CEO of InoBat Auto commented: “InoBat and Green Lithium share ambitions for a greener world and this agreement is an important step forward in our journey towards net zero. In partnership with Green Lithium, we will accelerate the global rollout of green battery technology using low-carbon, battery-grade lithium hydroxide to create, what we believe, to be the most innovative and advanced batteries on the market.”

Sean Sargent, CEO of Green Lithium commented: “Green Lithium’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable energy storage by increasing the supply of low-carbon battery-grade lithium chemicals. Achieving this mission requires the right partners. In InoBat, we have found an organisation with whom we will not only have a commercial supplier relationship, but one with whom we can work together as part of a wider partnership to create a sustainable battery supply chain and further our shared sustainability ambitions.”

InoBat Auto specialises in pioneering research, development, manufacture, supply and recycling of innovative electric batteries custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of global mainstream and specialist OEMs within the automotive, commercial vehicle, motorsport, and aerospace sectors. InoBat’s provides innovative solutions across the entire value chain thanks to its “cradle-to-cradle” approach, which showcases the concept of a circular economy.

InoBat is backed by a strong consortium of strategic investors and partners such as Rio Tinto, Amara Raja, Ideanomics, IFC, CEZ, IPM Group, Matador, AEN, CSG and Across. A European-based battery manufacturer, InoBat already has a battery research and development facility and pilot line under development in Slovakia. InoBat has also been approved for grant financing under the EU sponsored programme, Important Projects for Common European Interest, and already received a grant from the Slovak Government.

Green Lithium is an innovative lithium processing company with plans to build and operate a large-scale lithium refinery in the UK, and provide high-purity lithium chemicals to UK and European markets. The company will harness industry-leading process technology enabling clean, low-carbon processing of high volumes of various raw material sources. At present, the battery-metal supply chain is dominated by East Asia.

There is no refining capability in Europe despite a significant market opportunity. Working with key strategic partners to address the need to improve the European battery-metal supply chain, Green Lithium will support the net-zero ambitions of society to transition to the future green economy.

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