Swiss Life Asset Managers acquires significant stake in Telecom Infrastructure Partners

Swiss Life Asset Managers has acquired a co-controlling equity stake in Telecom Infrastructure Partners (TIP), a prominent lease aggregator of telecom sites across Europe and Latin America. This strategic move, first announced on January 10, 2024, is set to catalyze TIP’s growth trajectory, enabling it to meet the burgeoning demand for mobile connectivity infrastructure.

Damian Stanley, Managing Partner at InfraBridge, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “With the global demand for mobile data skyrocketing, we’re excited to join forces with Swiss Life Asset Managers. This collaboration positions us to seize the vast opportunities that lie ahead.”

Echoing this sentiment, Gianfranco Saladino, Head of Value-add Infrastructure at Swiss Life Asset Managers, remarked on the transaction’s completion as a pivotal moment in their investment journey within the telecom infrastructure realm. “We’re eager to work alongside InfraBridge and TIP’s adept team to foster growth and innovation in this vibrant sector,” he said.

Eric Overman, CEO and Founding Partner of TIP, highlighted the significance of the deal in reinforcing TIP’s role in the telecom infrastructure industry. “This transaction underlines our commitment to our stakeholders and our role as a pivotal player in the telecom landscape,” Overman commented.

With over 165 years of asset management expertise, Swiss Life Asset Managers brings a wealth of experience and a prudent investment philosophy to the table, emphasizing value preservation and sustainable performance. The firm manages assets worth over EUR 275.4 billion and employs a robust team of over 2200 professionals across Europe.

InfraBridge, a division of DigitalBridge Group, Inc., stands as a leading mid-market infrastructure investment manager with a focus on transportation, digital infrastructure, and energy transition. The firm boasts a proactive asset management strategy and oversees a substantial portfolio of digital infrastructure assets valued at $80 billion.

TIP, under the leadership of Eric Overman, offers substantial upfront cash payouts for mobile site leases and is renowned for its professional lease management. The company is poised for its next growth phase, backed by the support of Swiss Life Asset Managers and InfraBridge.

This acquisition marks a significant step for Swiss Life Asset Managers, InfraBridge, and TIP, as they collectively aim to drive expansion and innovation in the telecom infrastructure sector.

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