MTN invests in Emerge Game Studio

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Emerge Gaming Limited (ASX: EM1) has entered into an agreement with MTN to invest R2.4 million (~A$210,000) into premium games content and game streaming platform development.

This investment by MTN into Emerge’s Game Studio and the previously reported investment into the marketing and promotion for the benefit of the Emerge operated MTN Arena and MTN Arena 5G services (ASX: 1 August 2022) is testament to MTN’s confidence in the potential of Emerge’s content service offerings.

Under the agreement, which commences immediately, Emerge will initiate development for enhanced in-platform Esports tournaments, three premium MTN branded games, as well as the development of 5G game streaming capabilities to be delivered before 31 December 2022.

The agreement states that MTN will invest a once off fee of R2,400,000 (~A$210,000) for the technical integration and development of the new content and services to be made available on MTN Arena or MTN Arena 5G, and this is to be revenue to Emerge. Payment of the ~A$210,000, or any portion thereof, is to occur on approval and acceptance of the production items. MTN will retain a copy of the three premium MTN branded games.

Emerge Game Studio

As previously reported, Emerge launched a game studio consisting of inhouse and outsourced game developers. The game studio works side by side with Emerge’s game streaming platform developers to develop and produce proprietary libraries of short form AAA quality premium games using the Unity and Unreal game engines.

These game engines enable the delivery of cutting-edge content, interactive experiences and immersive virtual worlds. The Emerge Game Studio is striving to leverage the tools in these engines as it develops and produces further competition ready games in its development roadmap.

Development of these bespoke games are a key plank in delivering competition ready premium gaming content for cloud streamed use and commercialisation on Emerge’s tournament platforms. MTN Arena 5G will be launched with a minimum of 3 games produced by Emerge’s Game Studio. With this agreement, assuming timelines are met, this development will now be subsidised by MTN.

MTN Arena 5G is a new game streaming service to be offered as a new feature of the existing MTN Arena platform. Emerge previously announced the planned launch of this service is scheduled for calendar Q4 2022 (ASX: 20 June 2022).

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