Atos Scaler onboards 5 new start-ups to accelerate innovation

Atos Scaler onboards 5 new start-ups to accelerate innovation

PARIS, FRANCE: Atos has announceed that 5 new start-ups are joining “Scaler, the Atos Accelerator” program, an open innovation accelerator program for startups and SMEs. These new start-ups have a specific focus on digital security and quantum.

Scaler creates added value for Atos’ customers, as the start-ups enrich its portfolio with innovative solutions and, in turn, Atos supports their business development and helps them grow internationally, accelerating their access to its customers and partner ecosystem.

Joining the Scaler program today, Atos is pleased to welcome the following startups – focused in the ‘Digital Security’ and ‘Advanced Technology’ categories:

  • ColibrITD: innovative quantum computing software platform to manage and optimize access to quantum computing by any enterprise within a hybrid classical & quantum HPC environment,
  • Cycognito: External Attack Surface Management SaaS platform that detects, prioritizes, and can exploit critical exposure points by offering remediation guidance,
  • DuoKey: technology that protects data on the cloud through Multi Party Computation (MPC) and encryption. It overcomes known security risks, by encrypting valuable data with different keys shares based on MPC,
  • Digitalberry: an orchestrator of cryptographic assets such as digital certificates, tokens and keypairs. Digitalberry secures and simplify the large-scale use of digital certificates within non-expert organizations,
  • GitGuardian: a code security platform that enables developers, cloud operations, security, and compliance professionals to work together for secure software development.

For this third wave of start-ups, the Atos Scaler team conducted the pitch sessions in the Metaverse. Start-ups had to provide a 100% immersive and realistic experience in a virtual universe. Additional pitch sessions for the ‘Decarbonization’ and ‘Digital’ categories will be held in H2 2022.

Each year, new startups are selected to develop their projects according to specific customer interests. They stay in the program, where Atos helps them accelerate their development and grow internationally, for a period of 18 months accessing Atos’ clients and partners and benefitting from Atos’ technology expertise as well as from its global brand and visibility. Since its launch in 2020, Atos Scaler has fostered many open innovation projects supporting customers’ business needs.

To date, Atos Scaler has onboarded more than 20 start-ups from across the globe and around 20 client deals have already been signed with customer engagements accelerating: Atos Scaler’s key performance indicators (KPI) have more than doubled since the beginning of 2022.

“Digital security and quantum computing are complex and multi-faceted domains which have become critical in today’s business world. It is essential to foster innovation and collaboration in these sectors in order to support businesses now and in the future.” said Zeina Zakour, Vice President, Global CTO Digital Security at Atos. “Atos Scaler is fantastic in that it truly nourishes innovation, meaning that together, through this program, we can address very specific customer needs with original and pertinent solutions, whilst at the same time reinforce our leadership position in cybersecurity and quantum.”

Some examples of Atos Scaler delivering on its promises – accelerate business growth and portfolio open innovation – include:

  • Grow business, such as with France Télévision in the decarbonization of its new media NOWU with Greenspector and EcoAct;
  • Develop Open innovation, such as a sustainable finance solution called ‘Decarbonized Investment Brain’ with DreamQuark; using start-up ProvenRun’s security certified operating system ProvenCore to secure its BullSequana S and BullSequana Edge servers for consistent security from Edge to HPC and Cloud; and using Carbon Minds’ environmental life-cycle data to enrich Atos’ Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Platform ;
  • Expand Atos’ strategic ecosystem by developing IoT and OT security solutions for clients in the energy sector with OTORIO, which has also been selected as Atos’ strategic partner for its own next generation of OT industrial cybersecurity and digital risk management solutions; and partnering with start-up Circular Computing to propose carbon neutral, remanufactured laptops as part of Atos’ Digital Workplace offering.

The full list of start-ups currently in the program now includes:

  • Digital Security: ProvenRun · Otorio – DuoKey- Digitalberry – GitGuardian – CyCognito
  • Advanced Technology: IQM · Iptoki – ColibrITD
  • Manufacturing: Carbon Minds
  • Resources & Services: Woop
  • Financial Services & Insurance:
  • Public Sector & Defense: Cerbair
  • Decarbonization: Circular Computing
  • Alumni: United Biometrics – Claroty- DreamQuark – Synchronized – Opinum – Greenspector – Tier 1

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