How Much CBD Should I Take the First Time?

How Much CBD Should I Take the First Time?

A popular question among first-time CBD users is, “How Much CBD Should I Take the First Time?” We already know about the many benefits of CBD, but how much CBD oil can provide effects and experience to improve your wellbeing.

If you are a first-time user thinking of how much CBD to take, you are not alone. Many individuals doubt which CBD serving size is best for them. It’s essential to consume a considerable amount of cannabidiol oil to achieve optimal results.

How Much CBD to Relax?

Individuals with more demanding schedules will have to adjust their CBD regimen to experience the right level of support necessary. Some users might want to apply a balm all over their feet while others might want CBD tablets to facilitate relaxation.

Research so far suggests that an average CBD dosage of about 20-40 mg per dose will make you relax. You can also increase your dosage under certain conditions under the prescription of a doctor. However, to be safe, your daily intake should be anywhere between 18 and 60mg.

How many milligrams of CBD to take?

CBD products are available in different forms and strengths. To experience the effects, you will require a standard dose of about 25mg CBD. This could help you feel relaxed, less stressed, and more balanced. It could also help ease mild pains and aches.

If it’s your first-time taking CBD, you can go for a 500mg CBD oil to start with, or 25mg capsules for those who prefer taking CBD in this form. 

What is a Normal Dose of CBD?

The normal dose for one person may be too high or too low for another person. One study gave participants 25 mg CBD per day and then gave a higher dose for those who needed stronger effects. 25 mg may be a good starting point for many people.

Starting with lower doses and slowly moving up is a good strategy. This method can help you discover what works best for you and then optimize the use of CBD to get the best effect.

Average dose of CBD

A higher dose of CBD works well if you’re a taller or heavier person. On average, it’s recommended to take 0.2mg-0.7mg of CBD per pound of body weight. To calculate a dosage range, multiply your weight by 0.2mg and increase the amount as needed.

Individuals can also split their dose with every meal. While not all dosages are easily divisible with every meal, you can take the largest dose in the evening. For instance, if you’re taking 25mg of CBD per day, you can take 8mg in the morning, 8mg at lunch, and 9mg in the evening.

Bottom line

Since CBD works differently in each person, we recommend to you speak to your healthcare provider to determine the normal dose of CBD for you. You can also discuss with your doctor the different forms of CBD which suit your preferences. Also, ensure to buy from a CBD store that has a great reputation.

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