How To Use Visitor Tracking Tools To Improve Your Website

Visitor tracking tools are a great way to make sure that your website is meeting the needs of your customers. If you’ve been struggling with how to improve conversions, there’s no need to worry! There are many ways you can use visitor tracking tools as well as analytics software to optimize and track what people do on your site. In this article, we will discuss some ways that visitors may be using your site and what they’re doing when they come in contact with it.

How To Use Visitor Tracking Tools To Improve Your Website

Why visitor tracking tools are important

Visitor tracking tools are especially important if you have a website that is driven by sales. If your site has any sort of eCommerce functionality, then it’s crucial to know what customers are doing when they land on the page or visit your online store. You can understand why people convert with – so you can make sure the experience is optimal and converts as well. That way you can continue to improve and optimize your site based on visitor behavior analytics and data.

Visitor tracking tools also give you the opportunity to see what people do when they come into contact with your website or even product page, which will help you pinpoint issues that may be stopping them from converting. In order for a business to improve conversions, you have to understand the behaviors of your customers on-site. If people are leaving before they convert for some reason, it’s important that businesses know why so they can make changes where necessary.

How to use Visitor Tracking Tools to improve your website

When you’re trying to improve conversions, it can be difficult. You may see a greater number of visitors coming in but find that the conversion rate is going down or staying stagnant. That’s why visitor tracking tools are so helpful! If people aren’t converting after they get on your website, there might be something happening when they’re browsing around and interacting with different areas of your site.

In order to optimize this process, businesses should use all the information from their analytics data as well as visitor behavior tools to determine what needs improvement before making changes based on those insights. For example: if you notice that most people who come onto your site leave within 30 seconds and don’t visit more than one page – there must be some sort of issue with your headline, design, or content.

By using visitor tracking tools to figure out where people are dropping off and other issues you may have on your site, it’s possible to improve conversions by making changes that will help keep customers staying longer and converting at a higher rate. Visitor behavior analytics is the best way for businesses to measure which areas need improvement in order to get more sales online!

How to set up a Google Analytics account

Setting up a Google Analytics account is easy! Here are some steps you can take to get started:

  • Visit the website and click on “Create an Account”
  • Choose your industry category, country location, and agree to their terms of service.
  • Create a short name for your site that will be used as the prefix when tracking visitors from different devices or sources. For example, storename_shopify would be good if it’s hosted under If not, using something like a website name would work too!
  • Enter your website URL and click on “Get Tracking ID”
  • Click on the box next to “Ecommerce Settings” if you have an eCommerce site. If not, leave it unchecked!

Once you get everything set up, go back over to this section later and fill out all of the necessary information for tracking conversions. That way businesses can see how much money is being made online through their visitor behavior analytics reports.

After filling out all of these fields, just hit submit at the bottom of the page. Now that Google Analytics has been properly configured onto a business’ or client’s website there are additional tools that can be used as well.

What information is available with the free version of Google Analytics

The free version of Google Analytics gives businesses and clients access to a great deal of information that can be used for improving conversions online. There’s no limit on how many website visitors the tool tracks, which makes it easy to see who is coming onto your site as well as what they’re up to once there. Plus – since this data is tracked anonymously, there are no privacy concerns!

When people visit your business’ website or product page with their tracking enabled from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) analytics software will track where those users came from originally. It also shows what pages were viewed before converting into a sale and how much time was spent on each page. Since this information is gathered anonymously, there’s no identifying information that can be used to track who those visitors were or where they came from originally.

free version of Google Analytics

Visitor tracking tools are a powerful way to measure how your website is performing. With the free version of Google Analytics, you can see how many people visit your site and what their behavior looks like once they arrive. There are also a lot of premium tools that can be used with Google Analytics to help businesses convert at higher rates on their website.

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