Partnership between CEA and Roctool to create photovoltaic panels of tomorrow

PARIS: Roctool SA (EPA: ALROC) is selected as part of the EasyPOC program to develop the photovoltaic panels of tomorrow with CEA, a news release said.

Roctool SA (EPA: ALROC), specialists in mold heating and cooling technologies for plastics and composites, were

As part of the EasyPOC system, financed 100% by the Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes with the CEA, this partnership aims to rethink and design panels in an eco-friendly manner.

For 12 months, the CEA laboratories at INES and Roctool will collaborate on the design of innovative photovoltaic panels, with faster manufacturing and made using recycled and bio based materials, for new applications including different methods of transport, water sports, automotive etc.

CEA took part in a webinar organized by Roctool where they presented the LIT(TM) technology, Light Induction Tooling. CEA noticed the relevance and performance possible thanks to these increasingly innovative and eco-responsible processes.

“Roctool is very proud to have been chosen for this partnership which will make solar energy greener and eco responsible by optimizing photovoltaic panels. With a rich and particularly innovative ecosystem in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, together with our neighbor INES, the world leader in solar technologies, we will be able to benefit from their technological platform and their recognized skills to lead to a proof of concept,” explains Mathieu Boulanger, Roctool CEO.

The CEA is a major player in research serving the French State, economy and citizens. It provides concrete solutions to their needs in four main areas: energy transition, digital transition, technologies for the medicine of the future, defense and security.

CEA-Liten is a member of «Institut Carnot Énergies du Futur ». Based in CEA Grenoble and INES (Chambéry) centers. It is dedicated to the energy transition. Its activities focus on several key areas: solar energy, smart grid management, batteries storage and hydrogen in order to improve energy efficiency and circular economy approach. CEA-Liten covers a wide range of applications in energy production and distribution, transportation, industrial processes, and environment markets.

Founded in 2000, Roctool is a technology and manufacturing solutions provider offering engineering services and systems. The Roctool induction process, perfectly adapted to plastic injection and compression molding, is available in many configurations to meet industrial requirements.

Roctool’s research and development team is constantly adapting its technologies to new materials, particularly metals. Roctool is the leader in heat and cool technologies, and today offers HDPlastics(TM) to plastic molders, Light Induction Tooling technology – LIT(TM) to suppliers of composite parts and Induction Dual Heating technology – IDH(TM) for complete molding solutions.

The processes developed by Roctool are used in production by leading brands in innovative sectors such as automotive, aerospace, consumer products and electronics. They offer many advantages, including reduced cycle times, excellent surface quality, weight and performance savings, which allows manufacturers to reduce the overall cost of the parts produced. Roctool is listed on the Euronext Growth market in Paris. Its headquarters and R&D center are located at Le Bourget du Lac (France). Roctool also has offices and platforms in North America, Japan, Taiwan, Germany and China.

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