ePlay Digital and App Central partner for hyper-casual game marketing

TORONTO: ePlay Digital Inc. announced the release of its first game with App Central.

The partnership has App Central spending more than $50,000 on marketing the first title as part of its hyper-casual mobile gaming bundle available from Apple App Store.

New in-app subscription services have been created by ePlay, utilizing the AppCentral partnership. App Central is an Artificial Intelligence AI-powered publishing house, dedicated to ensure its partners’ apps will benefit from increased user value, along-side a growing active user base.

ePlay’s Big Swish has been added to App Central’s Personal Trainer Pro Subscription Bundle in the Apple App Store. App bundles make it easy for customers to buy up to 10 apps or games in a single purchase or via an auto-renewable subscription.

ePlay and App Central partnered to drive increased downloads, subscription, and advertising revenue from existing titles.

“Our goal is to bring eyeballs to great apps and app developers,” says Yotam Zukerman of AppCentral.

“We are committed to increasing the active user base for ePlay’s Big Swish mobile basketball game.”

The hyper-casual game market is worth over $2 billion, and has brought into the ecosystem 100million new mobile players. 2020 also saw the cost to acquire a player drop significantly to $1.47, a 66% decrease from 2019.

“ePlay’s partnership with App Central is a thrilling new development as we are now able to add subscription revenue sources on top of advertising, eSports, and in-app purchase,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay.

“App Central partnership is part of a multi-faceted marketing approach launching this month to accelerate the number of potential downloads for our games.”


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