Annica won in the energy category of SBR’S Listed Companies Awards 2020

SINGAPORE: Annica Holdings Limited has won in the Energy category of Singapore Business Review’s Listed Companies Awards 2020, which recognizes innovative projects and best practices with significant business impact.

The Singapore-based investment holding company won for its electrification of a rural health facility using solar hydrogen power modules. This is the first solar-hydrogen based energy generation cum storage system installed at a rural health facility in Malaysia.

The power modules installed at the facility will supply around 25-30kW of electricity daily at a day-time usage of 15kW and night-time usage of 10kW, with a peak load of 2.88kW.The technology which were previously available only on industrial scale was successfully downscaled and miniaturized for ease of transport and installation in hard to reach remote locations.

The power modules supply electricity on a 24x7x365 day basis with minimal operator supervision and zero fossil fuel requirement and noise pollution.

Annica Holdings Limited is a Singapore-based investment holding company. The Group’s business currently includes trading in oilfield equipment & related products, designing of industrial plant & rendering of engineering services, an integrated solutions provider for renewable sector and investment holding. The Group has geographical presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

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